When Demolition Becomes Necessary

Consider the demolition of a building or a house, whether it is a commercial site or a residential place, the reasons the service of a demolition company is required are very similar.

Commonly the reasons for putting down a building are usually when the building has become a hazard and dangerous to be used as it may collapse. Another common reason for demolition of buildings is that another different structure needs to replace the standing building and it needs to be demolished.

Sometimes only part of the building is demolished to accommodate the structural changes or renovation.

The following are some of the most common reasons demolition becomes necessary.

Buildings with Poor Maintenance

Buildings require regular upkeep and maintenance and buildings that are neglected and not properly maintained become uninhabitable mainly because the structure becomes frail and many other issues may arise. Plumbing issues may arise that may be beyond repair.

Demolition also becomes a better option as sustaining the building, repairs and maintenance, is far more expensive than rebuilding the building after demolition. Therefore, it is a more feasible option to re-build the building after having it demolished.

Buildings That Faced Natural Calamities

Hurricanes, storms and floods cause a lot of damage. The damage they cause to the structure of the building often renders the building unsafe. In extreme cases, they destroy most of the building leaving only parts of the building.

The water from the floods can seep into the structure, weakening it and making things dangerous, increasing the risk of the inhabitants if the building collapses is not a wise option.

Fires and earthquakes are some the other calamities that can result in damaging the buildings to the point that they need to be demolished.

Buildings That Are Outdated

Due to difficulty in maintenance and maintenance being expensive old buildings are demolished, unless they are historical buildings or fall under heritage category. Keeping up with present day’s safety standards and installing present day utilities may become increasingly difficult for outdated buildings. The buildings don’t necessarily have to be structurally dangerous for them to be demolished.

Another reason neglected and empty buildings are put down because they may become a safe haven for drug addicts and other criminals, teenagers and young children out of curiosity may also seek adventure in these unkempt buildings. This can result in the building becoming a danger or a nuisance in the neighborhood and authorities might decide on demolishing the building and utilizing the place in a more positive way.

Demolition of Part of the Building for Renovation or Expansion
Buildings are often required to be partially demolished when they need to be renovated or expansion is needed. Part of the building like a wall is demolished so that construction can be done to expand or remodel the building.

The Bottom Line

Whatever your demolishing needs Battle Axe Construction has the expertise and tools to offer a reliable and safe demolition services. Whether it is a commercial or residential building they have the experience to handle the demolition professionally in a quick and effective that is least invasive.