Typical Landscaping Projects with Battle Axe

With a rather long and eclectic decade of experience, Battle Axe Construction proves itself as the best choice to build out a beautiful landscape. We design beautiful and aesthetically appealing landscaping projects that compliment new, established or renovated properties be they residential or commercial properties.

We tend to offer every client an excellent planning, clear communication, thorough and careful work, with respect for your budget and timeline. This enables us to fully satisfy client requirements without having to break the bank or use materials that are not approved by the client. Our professionals are some of the finest in the field, we tend to give you every possible situation that would pertain to the situation you wish to address and therefore give you more options than you originally thought possible.

Stage 1

Our landscaping services start with a well-thought-out design. We can create a custom design for you or work with your existing designer for properties of any size. We’ll work closely with you when we survey the property and build out a plan that incorporates existing features as well as any new construction you have planned.

Stage 2

During this phase, you’ll have an opportunity to express your preferences for plant types, style, and colors of the design, as well as how certain aspects of the landscape will function, such as providing areas of shade.

Stage 3

In the next stage of our process, Battle Axe Construction provides you with a rendering of the property with the landscape details. These end up including any lawn areas, patios, walkways, walls, and plant beds that you would want installed. At this point you are able to make any revisions necessary so much so you would be able to better place curtain items that would feel more appropriate to you. Our professionals would at all times suggest ways to improve or better your project.

Stage 4

Once the design is approved by the client we start the process of landscape construction which is setting the foundation for all the types of sub projects that you want installed. During this phase we do everything we can to keep your property clean and neat. The ideal scenario is to give you a neat and well finished look.


We also stick closely to your timeline so that the entire project can be completed on time. We work on simultaneous projects basically to better fit everything into the schedule and enable you to better execute your idea with our aid.

Our Landscaping Services Include:

    • Design and planning
    • Cost estimating
    • Site demo and preparation
    • Hardscape installation
    • Lawn, tree, and vegetation planting installation
    • Irrigation installation

Battle Axe Construction’s landscaping offers are designed to enhance your property rather than decrease its value and simultaneously meet your budget. All this is done within the allotted timeline which is specified by you before the start of the project and revised in Phase 2 of our process. For beautiful landscapes that reflect your vision, choose Battle Axe Construction.