Successful land clearing and grubbing starts with a good plan.

We create a smart plan of action that minimizes risk and identifies complications before bringing our equipment to your site in order to ensure that we’ll complete the job on time and on budget.

The Battle Axe crew are experts in clearing land for highways, pipelines, and residential and commercial development.

For Battle Axe Construction, clearing and grubbing your site means doing a thorough job while protecting the integrity of the surrounding area, doing everything we can to respect your budget and timeline, and maintaining a safe working environment at all times.

Our Services Include:

    • Clearing and grubbing
    • Clear cutting
    • Tree stump removal
    • Horizontal grinding
    • Structural demolition

Clearing and grubbing debris consists of stumps, brush, and other woody materials. This type of land debris can be processed at mulching facilities and recycled into wood mulches and soil amendments. Debris such as concrete can be deposited at a disposal facility. We leave every site clean and ready for the next stage of construction. 

We take safety very seriously at Battle Axe Construction. We have a formal safety-training program that includes multiple pre-task meetings and weekly job site safety meetings in order to insure that we always put safety first.