With demolition complete, our crew takes care of all recycling and salvage for your site. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure that your jobsite is ready for new construction or remodeling. We collect materials for recycling and salvage from any type of construction sites and deliver the materials to the appropriate facilities on your behalf, including:

    • Commercial
    • Residential
    • Interior Gut Outs
    • Selective Remodeling
    • Road and Bridge Construction
    • Industrial Sites

There are plenty of benefits of recycling and salvage, including cost savings for the contractor and the client, as well as minimizing waste and protecting the environment.

We can guarantee every client that we’ll consider each of the following aspects of recycling and salvage on your site:

    • The most efficient way to demolish a building to maximize salvage value
    • Quantity of materials that can and will be recycled
    • The hazardous remediation needed to facilitate recycling and the safest way to execute removal

Cost Savings

Recycling and salvage are often cheaper than disposal, in fact, as much as 90% of construction waste can be salvaged or recycled at a lower cost than disposal. In some counties the cost difference can be more than 50%, which can have a huge impact on a tight budget.


By recycling scrap, you help keep air and water cleaner. Recycling keeps materials that contain potentially hazardous chemicals out of landfills, which in turn keeps those same compounds out of our air and our water. Scrap recycling also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserves energy and natural resources.


We take safety very seriously at Battle Axe Construction. We have a formal safety-training program that includes multiple pre-task meetings and weekly job site safety meetings in order to insure that we always put safety first.