Climate change is no longer just an issue for government agencies and major corporations. The demand for sustainability is reaching deep into the supply chain to affect even the smallest businesses. Many of our clients have already embarked on initiatives to curb their greenhouse gas emissions or reduce their environmental footprints. Our company must be ready to address climate change in a way that supports their efforts.

Battle Axe Construction, LLC recognizes that only by becoming sustainable can we continue to grow. The necessity to move to a more sustainable business model has become a critical strategy. Not moving in this direction will have serious repercussions on how clients and potential clients judge our company and value our services in the future. Consequently, we have developed this well thought out plan that outlines a journey toward sustainability that is long-term in focus and ongoing in implementation.

Our Business at a Glance

Battle Axe Construction is a specialty contractor who provides Demolition, Wrecking/Razing of buildings houses and structures, Landscaping, Clearing and Grubbing services. We have a diverse group of skilled, talented, and experienced professionals that are all dedicated to achieving excellence. Serving Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.