All You Need To Know About Tilt-Up Buildings

If you have met a construction contractor recently, you must have heard of the tilt-up building construction technique. Let us enlighten you of a popular construction technique that has revolutionized the way buildings were traditionally constructed.

This method makes use of concrete as the key component. Walls, columns and structural supports are laid horizontally on the ground before they are formed with concrete, like a concrete slab. After the concrete has hardened, the walls and columns are tilted to vertical position with the help of cranes. They are braced there until other components such as roofs and intermediate floors are put in place.
This method of construction is quite common in North America. Several other countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, also use it.

Why is this method different from others and what are the advantages of this construction method over other methods? Let us see.

Economical Method

When using the tilt-up building method to construct, the costs of raw materials is significantly lower, as compared to other available methods. Materials required in this method are usually locally available in the market rather than having to be manufactured and shipped.

Tilt-up buildings also require fewer crew members to build. It also does not require specialized expertise, which means local labor can easily get the job done. Both of these reflect into reduced costs of labor for the project.

Another way tilt up buildings ensure cost saving are the lower insurance premiums, due to their durability and fire-resistance.

Quicker to Make

Tilt up construction method enables the constructors to deliver the work in lesser time. Pulling up the walls after they are done only requires a little time. This method also allows overlapping of work, which means more work is carried out in the same time.

Safe/Fire Resistant

Since most of the work takes place on the ground, there is a reduced risk for laborers. On the other hand, having to work on scaffoldings, the laborers are more exposed to risk of injuries.
Moreover, buildings built through the tilt-up construction method are easier to break into, when compared with metal buildings. This makes rescue work easier in case of hazards.

Concrete is fire resistant, which means that in case of fire, it can withstand the circumstances more than other materials.


Tilt-up concrete buildings are custom-designed according to the needs and requirements of the client. It allows the constructor to inculcate a range of textures, adornments and even curved walls. This method gives the architect freedom over its design, in order to make it aesthetically appealing.

Given all these benefits of using the tilt-up construction technique, you could also consider it for your next construction needs. In addition, if you plan to consider this method, you should not think twice before choosing Battle Axe Construction.