Site Development 101

The importance of a solid foundation can never be over-stressed. As with other aspects of life, a strong foundation is crucial to long lasting success. Hence, when you’re building a house, it is imperative to analyze and develop the site you’ll be building on properly. There are few important elements to consider before you actually initiate construction. These include basic checks and a few other parameters, in order to ensure that your dream residence is picture perfect and stays that way for years to come. Following are a few things to consider and develop in your site:

Watch out for risk of natural disasters and transport

Floods, earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions etc. are some of the aspects that come into play here. It is recommended to avoid purchasing sites on the banks of fast flowing rivers or flood plains. Furthermore, you can check with your respective state department for any active faults in the area. Forests, wildfires and active volcanoes can also have devastating impact on your house in case you buy a site too close to areas prone to these disasters.

If you’re site is located in a field, experts recommend choosing one on yellow or brown fields because green fields make construction difficult. Also an important factor to consider in your decision making is the access for transport because when you start construction, a lot of movement is going to ensue which might involve heavy machinery and there must be a route for this equipment to get there.

Rules and regulations

There are several regulations that govern sites in a specific state, e.g,. taxes and other related fees. Also there are limitations, checks and balances in order to protect the environment by limiting the damage that you do during construction and also afterwards. This might get tiresome and confusing at times, which is why it is recommended to contact a professional to help you with these issues.

Sewage and utilities

These facilities usually run underground and have to be inspected for before the actual construction starts. Proper waste management and other utility arrangements are important to be accounted for before-hand. This is because a number of issues like soggy soil can deem a site unfit for construction causing you to lose money on your investment.

The wind, views and sunlight for your house

Since you’re going to live in it, it is imperative that these basic things are taken into account. The direction of wind and sunlight, plus which side gives the most incredible views. These elements are important when it comes to the overall house design but you have to have knowledge of these things before hand so that you can incorporate them into the final design of the house.

Construction and site development is a growing business. However, before you get to your house, it is vital to develop the site too. A few useful tips are to avoid disaster prone areas, watch for utility accommodation, the rules and regulations in that area and then the natural elements like wind, sunlight etc. Whether you do it yourself or enlist a professional, you’ll realize that the amount of effort that goes into each process is enormous and when you look at the final product you actually realize that all those hours of research and labor bring fruit when you actually step into your constructed house and enjoy the final fruit.