Home Foundations: The Importance of Getting It Right from the Start

“It is not the beauty of the building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time”

– David Allan Coe

It is said that you build from the ground up. The need for strong foundations has been stressed in every aspect of life, be it human or material. Everything else that goes onto the house can be replaced at some point in time if the need arises. The walls, paint, equipment, floors, etc., are over the ground and accessible for repair and maintenance throughout the life of the house. However, the foundations go under the ground and the house sits over it making it impossible to get to them every now and then without knocking the entire house down. Therefore it is imperative to get the foundations right before anything else.

To make things more comprehendible, we list a few major reasons why you should spend the longest time focusing on the part that nobody will see:

It is the invisible part that supports the visible one

People take pride in the magnificence of their constructed house, the beautiful walls, doors and fixtures, the aesthetically appealing paint job, etc. However, all these features are supported on the structure that is underground, one that is not visible to onlookers and if that part lags the necessary reinforcements, the beautiful structure that you admire is vulnerable to damages that might be catastrophic.

Spending extensive amounts of time focusing on the building of a strong foundation for your home and using the proper materials that not only meet quality requirements but also the safety regulations for the area you live in, is going to pay its returns in the long term. Foundations have to able to withstand the dead and live weight of the structure above it. Dead weights are the loads that won’t move like the pillars and walls while live weights are the inhabitants of the house and the stuff they bring with them.

It is your best bet against natural elements

The stronger the foundation, the more wear and tear it can withstand. Coupled with this the base of your house has to be waterproof because seeping water is the worst thing that might happen to the foundations. It is also important to factor in the effects of any natural disasters that your residential area is prone to. Even if the area is safe, having provisions for basic things like earthquake proofing is not a bad option at all. These tweaks help protect the lives of those that matter to you as well as increase the life of your house overall.

Safeguards the value of the house

Since it contributes to protecting the house from various damages and deterioration, strong foundations also support the price and value of your house for a longer period of time.

A little attention at the beginning of the construction can lead to long term monetary and safety benefits for you and your family. A strong foundation forms the supporting structure for your home in physical while metaphorically holding up the value of your residence for a long time.