What is clearing and grubbing?

Clearing and grubbing is a crucial phase in any kind of land development. Whether you are demolishing an existing structure or preparing a new site for construction, you will likely need to clear and grub the site before it is ready for pipelines and residential or commercial development.

After a site has been surveyed and demolition (if necessary), vegetation and surface debris are removed by clearing and grubbing the site. Clearing refers to the removal of all vegetation, while grubbing is the removal of roots that may remain in the soil. This includes the removal of all logs, brush, and debris, as well as grinding and removal of stumps. Once completed, the site is ready for grading and drain installation.

Clearing and grubbing is not a simple task to undertake. There is an extensive list of heavy machinery necessary to perform all of the functions involved: bulldozers, scrapers, dump trucks, and compactors, just to name a few. This stage in site development should only be handled by experienced professionals who know to account for underground utilities, overhead wires, and even erosion control.

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