How to Choose a Demolition Company

To the average person, it might seem that there isn’t much involved in the demolition of a structure.  But if you think that any guy with a wrecking ball can handle the job, think again.

Hiring the right company could mean the difference between your building falling haphazardly or falling in a controlled environment like this:

So what should you look for in a demolition company?

  • Experience. Does the company have extensive experience? Can they show you photos?
  • Equipment. Do they have all of the equipment needed to completely the job well?
  • Waste. Will the company remove the waste generated by the demolition?  Even better, will they recycle those materials?
  • Hazardous materials.  Is the company experienced and capable removing dangerous materials such as asbestos?
  • Additional Services.  Depending upon the purpose for your demolition, you may also need trees removed, excavation, or leveling off.

The talented and knowledgeable team at Battle Axe Construction are equipped to handle all of your commercial, residential, and industrial demolition projects.  We offer numerous additional services so your site will be ready for new construction.  And we always put the safety of our employees and clients first.